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Amy Motlagh

Congratulations to Amy Motlagh for participating in the inaugural cohort of the “P.L.A.C.E. with CAMPSSAH Summer Writing Retreat”

Amy Motlagh is an Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Middle Eastern/South Asian Studies. Motlagh’s work revolves around the history and representation of race in Iran and in the Iranian diaspora. In her current project, she discusses how Iranians and scholars of Iran have not only denied the historical existence of a slave trade in Iran, but have also insisted on its benign nature and genorisity of enslavers towards the enslaved. This writing workshop retreat will allow Motlagh to push this project forward by collaborating with colleagues to receive feedback.


Prof. Amy Motlagh launches a new podcast, The Story of Iran

This podcast aims to answer some enduring questions: What is Iran? How is it different from Persia? Why is the national language sometimes called “Persian” and sometimes called “Farsi?” Visit to learn more and to listen to the first episode, "Consider the Pomegranate."

Welcome to Fall to Current and New Students

Welcome to Fall to Current and New Students

Welcome to Fall to Current and New Students

Welcome, to all new incoming and returning students, we’re excited for another great academic year with you. Please stop in via our zoom links for drop in advising or make an appointment through, to see your Undergraduate Academic Advisor.


Teaching English Abroad

Are you considering teaching English abroad after graduation? Did you know that there are private and government sponsored programs that hire English teachers? Teaching English abroad offers opportunities to gain work experience in another country, build your professional network, and engage with local communities in a meaningful way. You will help your students learn and grow, all while living abroad and immersing yourself in the local culture. Hear from UC Davis alumni who taught English in Europe and Asia, and learn about their experiences, including program selection, application process, finances, and career advancement.