Alumni, Awards, and Publications

Placement Record of Former Graduate Students

Name Degree Conferred Dissertation Director Placement
Xiaolong (Dorothee) Hou June 2021 Sheldon Lu Luce Foundation Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Moravian University
Amy Riddle June 2020 Moradewun Adejunmobi Lecturer, UC Davis

Victoria White

December 2019 Margaret Ferguson, Juliana Schiesari Coordinator, Office of Educational Opportunity and Enrichment Services, UC Davis
Kevin Smith June 2019 Serk-Bae Suh Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, UC Berkeley
David Dayton September 2019 Michelle Yeh International Custom Programs Manager, University of California, Riverside Extension
Anna Einarsdottir September 2018 Neil Larsen, Joshua Clover

Recipient of a Post-doctoral Fellowship Grant from the Icelandic Research Fund (2019-2022). Hosted by the University of California-Santa Cruz and the University of Iceland.

Ammirati, Megan June 2018 Xiaomei Chen Lecturer in East Asian Languages & Culture, UC Davis
Batarseh, Amanda June 2018 Noha Radwan Assistant Professor of Literature, UC San Diego
Zhang, Zhen June 2018 Sheldon Lu Lecturer, School of Literature, Renmin University, Beijing, China
Le Gall-Scoville, Cloe August 2017 Kari Lokke Coordinator, Student Academic Success Center, University of California, Davis
Saberi-Najafi, Navid June 2017 Jocelyn Sharlet Lecturer in Persian, University of California, Davis
Strobach, Natalie December 2015 Juliana Schiesari and Peggy Kamuf Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Research and Assistant Research Professor, Alexander Grass Humanities Institute at Johns Hopkins University
Graziano, Michael December 2015 Emilio Bejel Contracts and Grants Analyst, University of Maryland Baltimore
Do, Myha September 2015 Kari Lokke and Sheldon Lu Teacher, Dharma Realm Buddhist Association, CA
Geier, Ted June 2015 Juliana Schiesari and Timothy Morton

Lecturer, California State University, Chico
Lecturer, UC Davis


Heestand, Mela June 2015 Neil Larsen Mother and Independent Scholar, giving papers at conferences and working on an essay to be published in an edited volume (Newburyport, MA)
Waha, Kristen June 2015 Archana Venkatesan Asst. Professor of English, Grove City College (Grove City, PA)
Keane, Monica March 2015 Brenda Schildgen Humanities Instructor, Foothills College
Sanchez, Nicholas March 2015 Michael Lazzara and Colin Milburn Sacramento, CA
Tong, Christopher June 2014 Michelle Yeh and Timothy Morton Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Montenegro, Giovanna December 2013 Elisabeth Krimmer and Ivonne del Valle Asst. Professor, Binghampton University (Binghampton State University of New York), Binghampton, NY
Stanchits Popova, Zoya December 2013 Sheldon Lu and Jenny Kaminer West Sacramento, CA
Schwartz, Shira M.A., September 2013   Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan
Mahdavian, Emelie M.A., June 2013 Archana Venkatesan Ph.D. student in Performance Studies at UC Davis
Waggoner, Joshua March 2013 Gail Finney Visiting Asst. Professor, University of Tampa, FL
Skwiot, Elizabeth March 2012 Ana Peluffo Assistant Professor, Division of General Education at Ashford University
Potts, Daphne March 2012 Liz Constable Senior Process Analyst at Blue Shield of California
Hays, Shannon December 2011 Gail Finney and David Lloyd English Instructor, Stanford University's Online High School
Shi, Fei September 2011 Sheldon Lu Tutor, Quest University Canada
Davisson, Brian September 2011 Cristina Martinez-Carazo Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University
Boston, M. Masha June 2011 Olga Stuchebrukhov Last Known Placement: Assistant Professor, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI
Young, Brian June 2011 Sheldon Lu, Cristina Martinez-Carazo Assistant Professor, Moorpark College
Doubiago, Shawn March 2010 Anna Kuhn Adjunct Lecturer, University of San Francisco and Berkeley City College, Berkeley, CA
Shapiro, Elena M.A., March 2010   Novelist
Bistue, M. Belen December 2009 Margaret Ferguson Asst. Professor, Centro de Literatura Comparada, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina
Roberts, Anne (Salo) June 2009 Brenda Schildgen Independent Scholar, New Haven CT
Nie, Jing June 2009 Sheldon Lu Information Technology and Services Professional
Yamamoto, Wendy A. June 2009 Wendy Ho Career Development Coordinator, International Rescue Committee
Christensen, Rune March 2009 Jaimey Fisher Localization Specialist at LinkedIn, Mountainview, CA (First Placement: Adjunct, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN)
Gong, Haomin September 2008 Sheldon Lu Associate Professor of Chinese Literature, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Kalami, Proshot December 2007 Sheldon Lu Research Fellow at International Research Center "Interweaving Performance Cultures" Freie University, Berlin (First placement: Lecturer, Loughborough University, United Kingdom)
Wing-Paz, Elizabeth September 2007 Marc Blanchard Humanities Faculty at Las Positas College, Livermore, CA
Perez, Vanessa March 2007 Ines Hernandez-Avila,
Neil Larsen
Assoc. Professor of Latino Studies, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY (First placement: Asst. Professor)
Matt, Andrew December 2006 Brenda Schildgen Editor at the New York/Paris based monthly journal, Magnificat.
Mettifogo, Mariarosa September 2005 Kari Lokke Academic Coordinator, Accent Center (Study Abroad) in Florence, Italy
Comfort, Kelly June 2005 Gail Finney Assoc. Professor of Spanish, Georgia Tech Univ.
Trouilloud, Lise-Helene June 2005 George Vandenabbeele Associate Professor, Cal-Poly Pomona
Stuchebrukhov, Olga September 2004 Harriet Murav Associate Professor of Russian, UC Davis
Zhou, Gang September 2003 Michelle Yeh Associate Professor, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
Schmitz, Gabriele June 2003 Harriet Murav Grant Writing and Development at Credo High School, Rohnert Park, CA
Wisotsky, Meriel June 2002 Emily Albu Last known placement: Part-time Lecturer, Columbia Community College
Wiley (Gerbrandt), Amy June 2002 Janelle Reinelt Lecturer in the Dept. of English, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Mi, Jia-yan June 2002 Robert Torrance Associate Professor, College of New Jersey, Ewing, New Jersey
Nielsen, Wendy September 2001 Gail Finney Associate Professor of English, Montclair State Univ, Montclair, New Jersey
Schur (Kaladiouk), Anna September 2001 Harriet Murav Associate Professor, Keene State College, New Hampshire
Klimek, Julia June 2001 Marc Blanchard Professor of English, Coker College, Hartsville, South Carolina
Di Genova, Mariko June 2001 Robert Torrance Unknown
Develter, Suzanne December 2000 Michele Praeger Lecturer, Sacramento City College
Abarca, Meredith December 2000 David Van Leer Associate Professor of English, Univ of Texas, El Paso
Vincent, Patrick September 2000 Kari Lokke Professor of English and American Literature, University of Neufchâtel, Switzerland
Shinbrot, Victoria September 2000 Harriet Murav Associate Professor of Humanities and Religious Studies, CSU Sacramento
Johnson, Erica September 2000 Patricia Moran Associate Professor of English, Pace University, New York, NY (First Placement: Asst.Professor of English, Chatham College)
Flury, Angela September 2000 Susan Kaiser Associate Professor of English, Dyson College of Arts & Sciences, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN
Carl, David September 2000 Gail Finney Associate. Dean, St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Skivington, Gretchen June 2000 Juliana Schiesari Professor of Foreign Language and Speech Communications, Basin College, Elko, NV
Coe, Ada March 2000 Robert Torrance Davis, CA
Nelson, D. Julian September 1999 Robert Torrance Professor of German, Clark College, Vancouver, WA.
Clark, Dan December 1998 Robert Torrance Professor of English, Riverside Community College District, CA
Sharkey, Emmet Joe March 1998 Robert Torrance Associate Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, Univ of Washington at Tacoma.
Fahey, Mary Frances June 1997 Robert Torrance Lecturer, American River College, Humanities Lecturer, Sierra College, English Dept.
Wager, Jans June 1997 Gail Finney Professor, Utah Valley University, Dept of English & Literature
Goldman, Amy September 1996   Univ of Memphis in Shenzhen, China (Resident Director of China Program); Asst. Prof, Fudan Univ, Shanghai
Fleck, Maria December 1995   Teacher, Environmental Charter High School, Lawndale, CA (First Placement: Lecturer & Coordinator of First-Year Spanish, CA State Univ., San Bernardino)
Chen, Jian'guo June 1995   Asst. Professor, Univ of Delaware, Newark Delaware
Walker, Joyce June 1995   Instructor (tenured) & English Dept Chair, Everett Comm. College, Dept of English & World Langs
Zitelli, Maila September 1992   Associate Professor, Minot State Univ., German Program
Treiber, Jeanette June 1992   Evaluation Assosciate, Tobacco Control Evaluation Center, UC Davis.
Jen, Jung (Yong, Ren) June 1991   Asst. Professor, San Francisco State Univ., Chinese Department (formerly)
Simas, Rosa June 1990   Asst. Professor, Univ of Azores, Modern Languages & Literature
Matthews, Elizabeth June 1990   Associate Professor, University of N.Arizona, Dept of Comparative Literature
Jha, Prabhakara June 1989   Last known placement: Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Allosso, Salvatore March 1987   Continuing Lecturer, UC Davis, Comparative Literature (Retired June 2002)
Morrow, Nancy September 1985   Continuing Lecturer, UC Davis (Retired)

Awards, Prizes, and Books Published by current and former Graduate Students

Erasmus + USA mobility agreement between the University of California (UCEAP) and Freie Universität Berlin (Fellowship to study in Berlin)

Elmira Louie, 2021-2022, has received the American Research Institute in Turkey fellowship to study advanced Turkish at Boğaziçi University this summer. The ARIT fellowship is awarded through a national competition, and we applaud Elmira on her achievement. In addition, Elmira has received a UC Davis Graduate Research award for 2021-22.  Congratulations, Elmira!

Manasvin Rajagopalan, has been awarded a Consortium fellowship for one month of dissertation research at the Newberry Library’s Center for Renaissance Studies in Chicago, which he looks forward to utilizing when in-person research is possible again. This fellowship is awarded to just one graduate student every year; we congratulate Manas on this honor.

Jocelyn Sharlet, 2021-2021, has received a UC Davis Faculty Development award and a UC Davis Humanities Institute Faculty Research Fellowship, both for 2021-22.  The period of concentrated research supported by these fellowships will allow Jocelyn to complete her next book, on poetry and literary prose about friendship in the work of five 10th century Arabic writers of Iraq and Syria.  Kudos to Jocelyn on receiving this brace of fellowships.

James Straub, Fall 2016, Winter 2017

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Dissertation year Fellowship
Cloe-Mai Le Gall-Scoville, 2016-17

Davis Humanities Institute Summer Research Fellowship
Tori White, 2016

In the Red: A Novel
Elena Shaprio, September 2014

Professors for the Future Fellowship
Zhen Zhang, 2015-16

Uneven Modernity: Literature, Film, and Intellectual Discourse in Postsocialist China
Haomin Gong, January 2012.

13, rue Thérèse: A Novel
Elena Shapiro, February 2011.

European Aestheticism and Spanish American Modernismo
Kelly Comfort, 2011.

Placing the Modern Chinese Vernacular in Transnational Literature
Gang Zhou, 2011.

ACLA's A. Owen Aldridge Prize for the Best Essay: "The Task(s) of the Translators: Multiplicity as Problem in Renaissance European Thought."
Belen Bistue, 2010.

Chinese Ecocinema in the Age of Environmental Challenge
Co-edited by Sheldon Lu and Jia-yan Mi, 2010.

Caribbean Literature of Migration
Edited by Vanessa Perez Rosario, 2010.

Chinese Ecocinema in the Age of Environmental Challenge
Edited by Sheldon Lu and Jiayan Mi, December 2009.

Caribbean Ghostwriting
Erica Johnson, October 2009.

The Aesthetics of the 'Beyond': Phantasm, Nostalgia, and the Literary Practice in Contemporary China
Jianguo Chen, May 2009.

Letters written in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
Mary Wollstonecraft, Tone Brekke (co-author), and Jon Mee, April 2009.

Art and Life in Aestheticism: De-Humanizing or Re-Humanizing Art, the Artist and the Artistic Receptor
Kelly Comfort, 2008.

Nation as Invisible Protagonist in Dickens and Dostoevsky: Uncovering Hidden Social Forces within the Text
Olga Stuchebrukov, 2007.Other Renaissances: A New Approach to World Literature
Brenda Deen Deen Schildgen (Editor), Sander L. Gilman (Editor), Gang Zhou (Editor), 2006.

Voices in the Kitchen: Views of Food and the World from Working-Class Mexican and Mexican American Women
Meredith E. Abarca, 2006.

Dames in the Driver's Seat: Rereading Film Noir
Jans B. Wager, 2005.

Self-Fashioning and Reflexive Modernity in Modern Chinese Poetry, 1919-1949
Jia-Yan Mi, 2004.

The Romantic Poetess: European Culture, Politics, and Gender, 1820-1840
Patrick H. Vincent, 2004.

Home, Maison, Casa: The Politics of Location in Works by Jean Rhys, Marguerite Duras, and Erminia Dell'Oro
Erica L. Johnson, 2003.

Dangerous Dames: Women and Representation in the Weimar Street Film and Film Noir
Jans B. Wager, 1999

ACLA's A. Owen Aldridge Prize for the Best Essay: "Allegorical Dismemberment and Rescue in Book III of The Faerie Queene."
Mary Frances Fahey, 1997.

Currents of Inquiry: Readings for Academic Writing
Nancy Morrow, Marlene B. Clarke, 1997.

Dreadful Games: The Play of Desire in the Nineteenth-Century Novel
Nancy Morrow, 1988.

Circularity and Visions of the New World in William Faulkner, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Osman Lins
Rosa Simas, 1993.