Fall Quarter 2024

Fall Quarter 2024

Undergraduate Courses


COM 001—Major Works of the Ancient World

COM 002—Major Works of the Medieval & Early Modern World

COM 003—Major Works of the Modern World

COM 004—Major Works of the Contemporary World

COM 006—Fairy Tales, Fables, and Parables
Noah Guynn

COM 007—Literature of Fantasy & The Supernatural
Timothy Parrish

COM 053C—Literature of the Islamic World
Jocelyn Sharlet


COM 112—Japanese Cinema
Michiko Suzuki

This class is an introduction to Japanese film from the early silent films to contemporary cinema. While exploring the history of Japanese film and its social and cultural contexts, we examine works by important directors (such as Kurosawa and Ozu), genres (such as avant-garde film and samurai film), themes and techniques. We will also read secondary critical materials on Japanese film and history. Particular areas of focus include gender, war, memory, censorship, visuality and narrative. Watching all films (through links on Canvas site) is mandatory. Lectures, readings and discussions will be in English. No previous knowledge of Japanese language or culture is required. GE: AH, WC, WE, VL

COM 166B—the Novel
Timoth Parirish

Graduate Courses

COM 210—Topics/Themes in Comparative Literature
Cheryl Ross

COM 255—Proseminar: Comparative Literature: Past, Present, Future
Stefan Hoesel-Uhlig

COM 392—Teaching Internship
Cheryl Ross