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Amy Lee Annual Memorial Essay Prize

The Marc Blanchard Comparative Literature Travel Award

Prized Writing

The Amy Lee Annual Memorial Essay Prize

Instituted: November 12, 2007

An annual prize for an outstanding essay is awarded in memory of Amy Lee, a graduate student in Comparative Literature 2005-2007, who died of cancer after a short illness (September 2007).  Nominated essays from the Comparative Literature 1 through 4 series are eligible for the prize. Instructors will select and submit essays to the Prize Committee. Nominated essays should be of superior quality, surpassing the usual criteria for an "A" grade. Each instructor should normally submit no more than one essay per quarter for consideration. The Prize Committee comprised of the graduate faculty adviser, the Teaching Assistant supervisor, a COM graduate student in his or her fourth year and above, and a graduate student in his or her third year will determine the winning essay. The winner will be announced at the Comparative Literature End of Year Reception.

Amy Lee Prize Winners 2008-Present

The Marc Blanchard Comparative Literature Travel Award

Instituted: December 2009

The following conditions apply:

  1. The recipient(s) shall be a major, minor, or have completed at least four courses in one of the following subjects; French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Comparative Literature, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, or Art History.
  2. The award shall be based on financial need.
  3. The award shall be used to support Study Abroad travel outside the United States.

Please reach out to Study Abroad:

Email Zach Frieders, for more information.

Prized Writing

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