Amy Lee Memorial Essay Prize Winners

Year Winner Essay Course
2023 Rishit Das The Decomposition of the Narratological Framework in Pedro Páramo Com 4 (Instructor: Ross Hernandez)
2022 Rachel McCune Familiarity that is Lost in Translation Com 3 (Instructor: Ross Hernandez)
2021 Sarkis Bouladian Third Persons: Modulating Love's Manifestation COM 1 (Instructor: Manasvin Rajagopalan)
2020 Eden Gabai "Oppression Across Space and Poetry" Com 4 (Instructor: Ross Hernandez)


Crystal Phung "The Turmoil in Our Parasitic Society" COM 2 (Instructor: Kyle Proehl)
2019 Michael Cotter "Jorge Luis Borges' 'Funes the Memorious'" COM 4 (Instructor: Tianya Wang)
2018 Andrew Young "Finding the Spectrum of Gender" COM 2 (Instructor: Megan Ammirati)
2017 Kristen Lo “Medea’s Ascension through the Apollonian and Dionysian Forces” COM 1 (Instructor: Anna Einarsdottir)
2016 Christine Chung “Trauma as Inheritance in ‘Momik’” COM 4 (Instructor: Celine Piser)
2015 Tim Kontje “Politics, Gender, and Gods in Antigone and The Bacchae COM 1 (Instructor: Cloe-Mai LeGall-Scoville)
2014 Grace Gordon “Memoria Est Imperfectus” COM 3 (Instructor: Shannon Hays)
2013 Jake Cannon “The Homeric Morality of El Cid” COM 2 (Instructor:  Megan Ammirati)
2012 Shannon Marie Hoopes “The Prostitute and the Vamp: Subordination of the Modern Woman” COM 3 (Instructor: Anna Einarsdottir)
2011 Paulo Roque
“Goethe’s Faust and the Enlightenment: Mephisto, Progress, and the Dialectic of Good and Evil” COM 3 (Instructor: Kristen Bergman Waha)
2010 Stephanie Anne Tornow “Mothers and Whores” COM 3 (Instructor: Giovanna Montenegro)
2009 Evan Frank Loker “Propaganda and Expansionism in
the Song of Roland
COM 2 (Instructor: Patricia MacKinnon)
2008 Kevin Douglas Peterson “Picking the Flower of France: Natural Imagery and Divine Providence in the Song of Roland COM 2 (Instructor: Christina Schiesari)