Summer 2024 Courses

Summer Quarter 2024


Summer Session I


COM 004—Major Works of the Contemporary World

Jala Alarja

This course will explore narratives centered around the landscape, with the aim of unpacking the ways in which the environment impacts our reconciliation with the past, our understanding  of the present, and our construction of an uncertain future. The course will utilize novels, short stories, graphic novels, and films in order to examine the subject and its various representations across mediums. The first section of the course will focus on the past and the correlation between natural landscapes and our understanding of history; the second section seeks to tackle the present, examining the relationship between daily interactions and their surroundings; lastly, the third section looks forward to multiple representations of a possible future that seems difficult to imagine under current circumstances, specifically through science fiction. The course takes several landscapes into consideration, ranging from the nostalgic  romanticism of rural life to the anxiety entangled in representing  urban spaces. Moreover, this course seeks to challenge these traditional ways of understanding our relationship to the landscape. 

COM 010L—Master Authors in World Literature

Summer Session II

COM 003—Major Works of the Modern World