Deborah Young

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Position Title
Graduate Student in Comparative Literature, Associate In Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature



Neil Larsen

Education and Degree(s)

  • B.A. in English & Classics (Greek Emphasis), Kent State University
  • PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature; Designated Emphasis on Critical Theory, UC Davis

Research Interest(s)

  • German and American interwar literature
  • Critical Theory (Marxism, The Frankfurt School, Value-Critique, Psychoanalysis)

Teaching Experience

  • Associate Instructor: COM 3, 4, 1
  • Teaching Assistant: COM 5-7


Languages: English, German, Greek

Selected Publications

 "Social Reproduction, Self-Valorization, and The Death Drive" Mediations, Fall 2017.

"The Machinic Assemblage: Dismantling Authorship". Ohiolink.Etd. (2012).