Comp Lit Faculty and Graduate Students Present Papers at the American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting

UC Davis was well represented at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association.  This year's meeting was held Thursday, July 6th through Sunday, July 9th in the historic city of Utrecht in the Netherlands.  At ACLA's annual meeting, most papers are presented in 2-hour twelve-person seminars that meet for three days of the conference.

Presenters from UC Davis included:

Department Chair and Professor Sheldon Lu, "The Idea of World Chinese-language Literature: Toward a Critical Genealogy"  (Friday, July 7, "Seminar B17: Passages to 'The World': The Imagination and Use of 世界 in Modern Chinese Literature and Cinema")

Professor Stefan Uhlig, "I.A. Richards Goes to China and Tries to Teach a Novel"  (Saturday, July 8, "Seminar A66: Literary Studies on the Move")

Ph.D. Candidate Amanda Batarseh, "Contemporaneity in post-Oslo Writing: Beyond the Palestinian Novel"  (Friday, July 7, "Seminar A10: Contemporaneity and the Global South")

Ph.D. Candidate Zhen Zhang, "Translating Utopia: Hu Feng and his Translation of a Soviet Proletarian Novel"  (Sunday, July 9, "Seminar B79: Translation Networks I: Beyond Source and Target")

To view the conference's entire program, please click here.

Additional members of the faculty (including Professor Gail Finney) and graduate program attended the annual conference.

We are also happy to note that an alumnus of the UC Davis Comparative Literature Department's Graduate Program, Fei Shi, Ph.D., now of Quest University, Canada, also attended the conference and presented a paper titled "Paper, Water and Cloud: Unfolding Chinese Operatic Movements in Shen Wei's Modern Dance."

Professor Lu
Professor Lu in Utrecht
Professor Finney
Professor Finney in Utrecht