Graduate Courses

Past Comparative Literature Graduate Course Offerings

For the current schedule of offerings, see the general Courses section of the website.

For past offerings in a particular language or other department, please see the website of that department.  Some popular departments amongst our Comparative Literature graduate students include: African American & African StudiesCritical TheoryCultural StudiesEnglishFrenchGermanPerformance StudiesSpanish, Religious StudiesGender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, and more.


Fall 2016: COM 210: China, Europe and Representation II: Aestheticism, Modernization, and New- Confucian Cosmopolitanism, Instructor: Prof. Chunjie Zhang

Winter 2017: COM 210: “Imagined Communities” and the 19th-Century European Novel, Instructor: Prof. Olga Stuchebrukhov

Spring 2017: COM 210: Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts, Instructor: Prof. Michael Subialka


Fall 2015: COM 255/298: Colloquium, Instructor: Prof. Stefan H. Uhlig

  • Syllabus

Fall 2015: COM 210: Translation, Instructor: Prof. Archana Venkatesan

Winter 2016: COM 210: Intro to Chinese Lit, Cultural, and Film Studies, Instructor: Prof. Sheldon Lu

Spring 2016: COM 210: : Prof. Neil Larsen

  • Syllabus

Spring 2016: COM 210: Trauma: Its Representation in Theory, Literature, and Film, Instructor: Prof. Gail Finney

  • Syllabus


Fall 2014: COM 210: World Cinema, Instructor: Prof. Sheldon Lu

Fall 2014: COM 210: The Immanent Critique of Narrative Fiction, Instructor: Prof. Neil Larsen

  • Syllabus

Spring 2015: COM 210: History of Emotion, Instructor: Prof. Kari Lokke




Fall 2013: COM 210: Bakhtin and his Dialogic World, Instructor: Prof. Olga Stuchebrukhov

Fall 2013: COM 220: The European Middle Ages, Instructor: Prof. Brenda Schildgen

Winter 2014: COM 255: Colloquium, Instructor: Prof. Sheldon Lu


Fall 2012: COM 210: Reception of Virgil’s Aeneid, Instructors: Prof. Ralph Hexter & Prof. Brenda Schildgen

Winter 2013: COM 210: Teaching Literature and Film from the Middle East, Instructor: Prof. Noha Radwan

Spring 2013: COM 210: Animals and Literature, Instructor: Prof. Juliana Schiesari

  • Syllabus


Fall 2011: COM 255: Colloquium, Instructor: Prof.Lu

Spring 2012: COM 210: The Myth of Dionysus and Dionysiac, Instructors: Prof. Kari Lokke & Prof. Seth Schein


Fall 2010: COM 210: World Cinema, Instructor: Prof. Sheldon Lu

Fall 2010: COM 210: Colonial & Post-Colonial Literature, Instructor: Prof. Noha Radwan

  • Syllabus

Winter 2011: COM 210: Bakhtin and his Dialogic World, Instructor: Prof. Olga Stuchebrukhov

  • Syllabus

Spring 2011: COM 210: The Courtesan in Literature Instructor: Prof. Archana Venkatesan